Making Your Own Maamoul Arrangement

People are familiar with flower arrangements and even with bouquets of fruits. But what about a Maamoul bouquet arrangement? This might be a new idea that can impress many of your friends. You can especially use it as a gift or take it with you to a gathering and show your friends how talented you are.

For this arrangement, you can either bake the Maamoul pieces yourself or you could buy them from a store. Since the bouquet will take a lot of time on your part, you might just want to buy them and save yourself all the hassle of preparation and baking that Maamoul can bring. Baking them yourself however has one major advantage, and this is the fact that you can shape them the way you like. The ones you are going to buy most probably will have a round shape and you will not have much control over that. At home, you can shape each piece the way you want according to your arrangement requirements.

The bouquet can have other confections with it besides Maamoul. For example, you can add chocolate, lollipops, and any sweet edible treat you can think of. Make sure however that whatever you include has vibrant colors. Maamoul have earth colors, and thus you will need to add something more colorful around it to make it more exciting. The more colorful the arrangement is, the better it will look.

Get plastic or wood sticks and push one into each confection. These cookies are soft and thus it is very easy to insert a stick of wood into them. Keep one cookie per stick. Make them of different heights just like you would do with flowers, and put many of them together and wrap them with anything that would hold them together.

Once you have the arrangement ready, you can place it in a bowl or jar or even wrap it with gift paper just like with flowers. This will give you a beautiful baked cookies bouquet that will make sure everyone will get impressed.

Once you offer it, each person can chose a piece and hold it from the stick and eat it like a lollipop. You can offer it during the dessert time or put it on a center table during the gathering for people to nibble on. This can be a lot of fun as most people would have never done something like this with Maamoul.

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