Celebrate Your Wedding With a Cupcake

For that all important day when you walk down the aisle, everything has to be perfect-the dress, the decorations, the flowers, the music and of course, the cake. Most brides would opt for the typical pristine white, three-tiered cake, but it’s a cake that you’ve seen and tasted at one too many weddingsalready. If you want your special day to be truly special and unique, why not try cupcakes instead?

Why Cupcakes?

It’s certainly not your typical wedding cake, but cupcakes have actually been taking centre stage at weddings for some time now. They have become one of the most recent and popular wedding trendsand there are plenty of great reasons why.

Firstly, cupcakes offer beautiful arrangement options. They can be displayed in tiers just like a regular wedding cake, or made even more visually engaging through scattered or structured arrangements and theaddition of flowers, fruits, ribbons and other decorative elements. The cupcakes themselves can be decorated individually by having different coloured frosting and decorations, and this flexibility in decoration and arrangement makes them perfect for any themed wedding.

Another great thing about cupcakes is that they are individually wrapped, so they are easier to distribute to guests as a dessert or a wedding favour. Cupcakes can also come in different flavours, so guests can enjoy picking their favourite.

Lastly, cupcakes cost lesser than your typical three-tiered wedding cake, and are easier to transport. Their numbers also ensure that even if the frosting on one gets ruined, you still have all the other cupcakes in perfect condition, so the entire cupcake arrangement stays intact.

Choosing Your Wedding Cupcakes

When choosing your wedding cupcakes, there’s a lot to consider. A good place to start would be to decide on your cupcake flavours and frosting. Don’t just go straight for your favourites-take advantage of the number of cupcakes you can try and try a lot of them before deciding on your flavours. And when it comes to frosting, make sure that they go perfectly with two things: your cupcake’s flavour and your wedding theme.

Next, decide on how you would want them presented. The options are endless here, but again, try to stay true to the theme of your wedding. If you only have a handful of ideas and no clear vision of how you’d want the wedding cupcake arrangement to look, try searching the web for ideas or simply talk to your cupcake vendor to find out what would work best.

Lastly, choose your cupcake vendor.There are plenty of cake makers who create beautiful custom cakes in Sydney that can also create exquisite wedding cupcakes. Many online stores also have excellent selections of cupcakes and cakes. Sydney online business It’s a Cupcake!is one of them, and they are sure to create beautiful and delicious cupcakes as they have had experience making plenty of them,including party cupcakes, corporate cupcakes and wedding their expertise and wonderful selection of delicious cupcakes, creating your dream wedding cupcake arrangement could be nothing more than a piece of cake!

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