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Tricks To Avoid Halloween Sweets

Halloween gives some people a scare. Not because of the goblins and the ghouls. It’s because Halloween means lots and lots of candies. And it’s not easy to resist them. Candies are empty calories. It is going to add inches to your waist. If you’re the average suburban mom, you can expect some sweet temptations come Halloween. Sticking to your diet plan the rest of the year is a challenge at best. The holidays will test your mettle. And Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season. If you are not exercising enough, read up on how to minimize candy consumption this Halloween.

Most of us, adults, love chocolates. Candies come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Sweets you can’t resist may leave the kids cold, and vice versa. Instead of buying candies you love, buy what your kids like. Hard and gummy textured sour candies are popular among kids. These candies usually have no fat. Unlike chocolate, these are the kinds of candy that you do not usually overeat. At the office, ask your co workers not to display their candy jars on their tables. If you don’t see it, you won’t get tempted. If you must have your sugar fix, save it for the time that you can truly savor it. Depriving yourself totally can backfire and may lead to binge eating.

You can chew sugarless gum just to have your mouth do something. When you’re chewing something, it’s not likely that you’ll pop another candy in your mouth. It satisfies your sweet tooth and overcomes the urge to eat sweet candies. Instead of candies, you can fill your jar with nuts, dried fruits, and vegetables. It might not be totally calorie free but it’s better than candies. If you’re having a hard time ignoring the candy jar, move it. If you need to stand up to get that candy, it might not be worth the effort.

Bite sized chocolate bars are hard to resist. They’re cute, fun and look harmless enough. However, they contain an average of 100 calories each. If you’ve indulged yourself and can’t seem to stop, count your candy wrappers. You’ll be amazed at how fast it can subdue your appetite. Don’t skip meals and always eat your meals on time. Hunger weakens your resolve to resist sweets. Sipping water or tea can divert your attention from eating sweets. Thirst can sometimes be mistaken for hunger.

Halloween won’t be complete without candies. We just want to minimize its effects on our weight. With a little advance planning, it won’t be as bad as you’d expect. If candies are your weakness, practice a little self restraint. You can control your cravings. You can control what you eat.

The Mysterious History of Cream Puffs

There are many myths regarding the history of cream puffs and how they were first invented. The recipe was passed by the word of mouth by various chefs over the years. As per one legend cream puff was invented in 1540 by Popelini, the chef of Catherine de’Medicini, in France. It is believed that chefs in France started experimenting with the mixture of flour dough, fat, eggs and water, and this mixture was called Choux pastry. This was way back when Catherine was the Queen in France. When this mixture rose, airy holes got created in the centre, which was filled with sweet fillings. However this is nothing more than a myth. Later many believe that these cream puffs were invented in Italy or France.

It is also believed that during the 13th century French and South German cooks invented puff pastries that were filled with lot of cheese mixtures. The dough of the pastry was baked in hot oven till it puffed. It was then sliced open and filled with cheese, which melted in the centre due to the hot temperature. A dash of herbs was further added to get some extra flavour.

In this delectable cream puff the dough rises to get porous results, which are then filled with chocolate fillings and sweet creams. Since these puffs resemble a cabbage after being baked, it got the name “cream puffs”. First mention of this puff is on restaurant menu at Revere House Restaurant at Boston in 1851.Recipes of these cream buns circulated among cooks in England and France during the early 1500’s. Same dough was used for these buns and was then cooked into the cakes of three to four inches. These were baked in an oven, taken out and basted in mixture of sugar and rosewater or rosewater, lemon and sugar mixed to make layered pastry.

The basic ingredients of the recipe are the same but because of varying methods of preparation of the ingredients and baking methods, different names were given to it like puff, choux, buns or profiterole. Different varieties of the puff pastries were developed by the 19th century, and these started having their own following. Every name had a specific meaning and characteristics. The dessert popularly known as cream puff came to be known as profiterole.

These cream puffs were created in intricate shapes by expert pastry chefs. Victorian diners could get them in shapes of pyramids of little, delicate chocolate, swans or puffs filled with vanilla to have with coffee, tea or with dessert wine.

It was once the privilege of the Royalty to have cream puffs, but is now easily available at supermarkets, and has found its way to the dining table of every household. There are numerous chains of bakeries selling them all over the world. Yet there is no comparison to home baked cream puff, full of sweet cream, fresh from oven. If you wish to create some of these at home, you can surf the internet for some famous recipes and have your family licking their fingers.

Celebrate Friendships Day With Delicious Cake

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are. Truly, friends can help us to overcome toughest obstacles in life with their constant companionship and camaraderie. They protect us from harm and provide us with warmth, affection, fondness and constant company. Friendships Day, which was established by the U.S. Congress in 1935, is now celebrated across the world with great fervor and enthusiasm. As this is the day where you can express your love, feelings, emotions, care and affection in a better way to your friends. It is one of the most important occasions and calls for great celebration. Gifts play a vital role during this occasion. As you share a sweet bond with your friends, celebrate this friendships day by sending delicious friendship day cakes and give them a wonderful surprise.

Usually friendships day is observed on first Sunday of August so this year it will be celebrated on 5th August 2012. Many of them begin to do planning and preparations beforehand for the gifts which they can bestow their friends with and bring smile on their faces. If you are away from your friends and plan to give them stunning surprise, then online gift stores are an excellent option. They offer unique collection of gifts which will surely steal the hearts of your friends and leave them in awe. These online gift stores feature numerous categories out of which they have a special friendships day gift category. It consist all creative gifting items and accessories which are especially crafted to celebrate friendship day.

Cakes are a favorite fodder for all groups and it is one of the most popular gifting choices for any kind of occasions, celebrations or festivals. Surprising your friend with a special yummylicious friendship day cake will definitely spread lot of joy and fill his or heart with happiness. Gifts are not just material possessions or it is not always necessary to be expensive. The idea behind giving a gift is to make the receiver feel special, give them memories of a lifetime and convey your feelings of appreciation and love. If your friend is a chocoholic then a wonderful dark chocolate cake will leave him or her spell-bounded. Online gift stores also offer many other excellent flavors like strawberry, raspberry, vanilla, fresh fruits, coffee, pineapple, pistachios etc.

To add on more surprise you can also accompany your cake with a wonderful friendships day greeting cards or soft toys. It will show more warmth and affection to the receiver leaving him or her with beautiful memories to cherish. Online gift stores give you the facility to send friendships day cakes to India within the given period of time. They offer timely delivery services which will allow you to deliver the gift on the right time at right place. Friends are special and this is the day where you can show your love to them and thank them for all their support in every stage of your life.

Easily Made Dessert Recipes

Dessert is something that a person in general loves quite much as a compliment and a satisfaction to the proper dinner that he just had. However, most of the cases it means that a lot of money is needed to be placed to have a fine dessert dish in place after a healthy meal is finished off. But this might not be the case if a person does decides to take in his own hands by himself, and might well be able to prepare a proper Dessert Recipes out of the many dessert recipes available to him. That having been said, there are also a lot of easy dessert recipes that can be easily accessed from the Internet and the nearest resources. There are ample amount of cook books or related places that can easily provide a newly-in charged cook a lot of simple recipes.

Like one must have understood by this time that if the presence of a good meal is important, then it is equally important for a person to have a complimenting substance after that as well. This is done only and only by the presence of a dessert dish. Although for most of the people the preparation of dessert becomes a hectic ask in it, one always has an option for himself. There are several ways that a person can go on for preparation of a dessert; one even includes the buying of the dessert from the common market. However, this might go on to prove a hefty deal. The best option in store for any such person is the self-preparation of the dish. It is not all the difficult task as it might seem to a lot of persons.

A self preparation of a dessert recipe out of the many available dessert recipes might include the fact of ingredients used, time taken, complications that seem to evolve out during the preparation of the dish and many more. There are, surely a lot of easy dessert recipes that are based on these very parameters. In case a person is still not satisfied with the type of desert recipe that he might have in place, there are still some simple dessert recipes that some of the people might go on to suggest in these very cases, where the time is not ample enough to prepare the entire preparation in itself. These are the cases where a person can go on to make a self-preparatory dessert recipe in stark emergency.